Lights, Camera, Action!

I loved this book. I’m typically not into books about sick people but this came highly recommended so I thought what the hey, why not? Little did I know I would actually enjoy it. Kind of. (BTW I will try not to give any spoilers in case you decide to read it)

So it wasn’t sappy. By that I mean it didn’t tell us a tale of love that will last a lifetime even after the death of your true love. The main reason I don’t read books like this one is that I hate how invested I get in the love story only to be crushed when one dies. (Hopeless romantic here) But this wasn’t that kind of story. There is actually not much on that. If anything the main character, Greg, tried his best not to form an attachment to her. It is more about the friendship and love from the time spent together. It was about teenagers being teenagers going through a rough time.

What I really enjoyed was how self aware he was about the fact that he was narrating a book. And the way certain parts were narrated, like the film Greg and Earl made. Greg, as a character, is extremely cynical and has the not so funny, funny humor. (It’s not always funny though) The characters were extremely believable and the book was filled with hilarious moments. I did, however, want more of Rachel, the dying girl. I get that Greg is somewhat self-centered and since he’s the one narrating it would make sense to focus on him but she almost fell into the background at points.

Otherwise, this was a pretty great portrayal of the “sick person story.” Not to say books like The Fault in Our Stars are terrible, TFIOS was a good book too. But books like that, like most other romance or young adult novels, often give unrealistic representations of love and relationships between teenagers or otherwise. So give the book a try, even if you don’t like it, at least you’ll have learned some about film.

I have yet to see the movie but I’m hoping it’s great. Read the book first, though.

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