You’re In Town

Last night I watched Urinetown: The Musical ate Rutgers’ Livingston Theatre Company. And what a show! But what’s with the name? What’s with the public jokes about private things? Let’s find out.

What is she trying to say?

When Beyonce drops an album, she drops an album! But this time she dropped it as a video album! Through the combination of motifs, themes, and settings, Beyonce created a movie of the videos for the songs of her new album to make point and spread some knowledge. What was the point?

Too Young for the Orginal

The remake of a classic. How well was it executed? What did they keep? What did they do differently? Was it good or just as bed as the second one? Was it the one we wanted? Here is a review of Grease: Live

Musical Theater Geeks

The dancing phenomenon, twerking. The dance shot to popularity in the early 2000s while the term became more popularly used in the early 2010s. This song, however, is not so much about twerking through it uses it’s popularity to do something funny.

Rent at Rutgers

In honor on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer, I thought it fitting to discuss another musical that won the award as well. Coincidentally, Rutgers’ Cabaret Theatre just closed their production of the influential musical. Why choose a play about AIDS?

The “ten dollar Founding Father without a father”

This is the must-see musical on Broadway right now. Other than the fact that it has amazing music and tells a story of history with an interesting funny twist, it also won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Drama. I haven’t seen is yet (unfortunately) but I definitely recommend it.

Lights, Camera, Action!

A story about the non relationship formed between a girl dying and the boy who seems not to care. But mostly about that boy’s decision on what to do with his life and the people who help him make that choice. Why I kind of liked it…

Memory Lane

Once I was 19 years old, writing about things that really interest me and that I hope will interest you. Once I listened to this songs that really spoke to me. Once I recommended a really cool song called Seven Years…