Review: The Fosters 3.19

The awaited performance, having seen glimpse the entire season, has finally arrived. This episode was great but incredibly different in comparison to others. The entire episode is of the remake of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. One would question how is the plot continued if we are only watching the dramatization. It could be argued as a filler episode. However, the technique employed was placing scenes, whether a flashback, inner thoughts, or what is presently happening, in relation to scenes in R+J, what they titled the musical presentation of Romeo and Juliet. This technique was particularly interesting, the unconventionality keeping the audience engaged in the intertwined narratives.

SPOILER ALERT! For people, who haven’t watched the show, skip this part.

So here’s what goes down:


The interconnection was really distinct and fascinating to watch. I was  excited to see the way they altered Shakespeare. Adaptations of older pieces of work continues the thread that certain pieces are just universal. That is especially true here, when you see how what is currently going on in the show relates so much to the problems Shakespeare was exploring at that time. Overall, a great episode for those interested in literature, adaptations of literature, musicals,the issues the shows deal with/they way they deal with them, and the show in general.

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