To Canterbury They Went

Of Englelond to Caunterbury they wende… and told stories on the way. Taking a class on medieval literature sure has been eye-opening. The collection of tales all figuratively told by different people but literally told by one has a lot to teach about the societal norms, the types of people, and systems of medieval England.

The Fosters

This is a recommendation of the show The Fosters on Freeform (formally known as ABC Family). Here you will find basic info on this amazing show as an introductory post for weekly updates,

People Are Alike All Over

In episode 25 of the first season of The Twilight Zone, we see a space explorer’s encounter with an alien species. What happens is way more familiar that you think.

We All Have Stars

The star bellied sneetches with stars and the others without stars on thars. The lesson to learn about acceptance and tolerance from Dr. Seuss.